Construction Contracting

Expert Pre Construction Planning:
There are three variables in ISC’s pre construction process that must be effectively managed for project success: time, cost and scope. Pre construction is when these variables are defined and meshed into a comprehensive project plan. It is our responsibility to provide to the team accurate and timely information about these three variables so prudent decisions can be made..
We go through a collaborative and comprehensive examination of potential  isks understanding the design, comparing costs, studying the schedule, reviewing constructability issues, and analyzing potential subcontractors. Our combination of new technologies, experienced employees and a collaborative approach yields better results. Exciting innovations are the result of teamwork among the members of our team, the client, architect, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers. Overall project success relies heavily upon the decisions made during the initial stages of the project.

Construction Management:
ISC’s approach to construction management (CM/GC or CMAR) services is centered on the needs of our clients. The CM/GC or “at Risk” method allows us to provide assistance to the design team and consultants. Conceptual planning, schematic design and design development input is given, and together with all the information possible we strategize how to meet the owner’s cost, schedule and design parameters. To implement these objectives, we provide our on site project team with the support, people, tools and processes necessary to facilitate a successful outcome. Field organization is key to success; by using our proven management procedures and systems. When it is right for a project and client we perform key construction scopes — excavation, concrete, carpentry, structural steel, etc. — with our own in house crews. These resources help Hogan better control project variables and deliver predictable outcomes for our customers.

General Contracting
General contracting, often referred to as a traditional delivery system, allows the owner to engage with the architect/engineer to prepare the design of the entire project. Upon design completion, the project scope is competitively bid to a construction firm for a fixed lump sum. This approach is most ideally suited for straightforward projects with well established and clearly defined roles for every member of the project team and is typically not the best solution for complex, phased, or highly invasive projects. ISC’s philosophy takes our general contracting service model beyond the norm. We still collaborate with our clients to understand their needs and help them achieve their goals from the start. ISC doesn’t take the petty stance that most low bid GCs do; we understand that quality construction means providing prompt and accurate services without the client having to ask. It means we will work with owners to make them successful, like changing our plans to minimize disruption to a school or business. Our employees have experience from almost every craft and expertise in the field, allowing us to combine innovative construction methods and accountable management to get the job done, and to get it done right.